Time To Remodel The Entire Kitchen

 Get your blueprints and your hammer because it is time to break down that wall to make the living space and kitchen a bit more homey and bigger. At least then we would not have to worry about the bumping into each other bit. And maybe we could have some decent conversation between us without having to shout all and having the entire country heard. We need a kitchen remodeling in Westchester.

Would you not know it? they are can be remodeled, everybody. We can finally connect the two living areas and make it seem as if the whole place is not so suffocating. Make the wall into a counter so we can see if there is actually someone in the kitchen too.

And whoever is cooking can see whoever it was that just got home so they can greet them properly without interrupting themselves form their cooking. Heaven knows it is not easy to slave over the stove. Not only is that annoying to do but you have to get used to the fact that not everyone is going to appreciate what you cooked for them.

Is it a wonder why mothers are temperamental? They have to handle everything in the house and now they have to smile through our whining about not going to be able to eat their favorite dish. All because mommy dearest did not cook it.

Well, why do we not just take over the role then? Give mom a rest and do some of the chores for the love of God. And then see how easy it is to do absolutely everything in the goddamn house while listening to you whining. If you are the husband, why not make it easy for her at least?

And make the kitchen slightly better for her. Easy to maneuver in and make it look prettier and pleasing to the eyes so she does not feel like she was working in a dungeon and cooking for a bunch of ungrateful little trash cans who do not anything but eat her cooking and whine.

Yeah, that includes you, buddy. And while you are at it, why not do a little cleaning once in a while. At least order your own kids to do it since they hardly do anything except for play video games. Give them chores for the weekend and tell them that if they do not finish them by the end of Sunday, then they lose their gaming and internet privilege for the entire week until.

Simple rules and nice discipline, you know? Just so your beloved wife does not lose her mind doing all these things for you. Just because she loves you does not mean she will quit all of that just to spite you.

Women are spiteful and sometimes bitter, you should care to remember that. We can attest to this too, so this is not really a nice comment. Especially coming from someone who is female. But maybe being spiteful is not so much a bad idea. Since it keeps us going and stops us from being complacent.