Eating Out at An Indian Restaurant: How To Order Right

If you're dining in an Indian restaurant for the first time, the menu may seem a bit overwhelming for you. The names of the dishes can be difficult to pronounce and you may not have a clue what they mean.

But do not worry; this article will give you tips on how to order in an Indian restaurant by explaining to you what some Indian words mean. Whether they are dishes of south Indian cuisine or north Indian cuisine, you will get to know everything in this article.

Biriyani: This is a really exotic dish that embodies the best of Indian cooking techniques and aromatic spices. Indians love their biriyanis and there are restaurants that operate only on the basis of beautiful biriyanis they dish out.

Bhurji: The word basically means "blurred". The dish comes with that word will be dry and will be better accompanied by Indian breads like rotis, chapatis, Parathas or naan.

Achaari: When a dish comes with the word "Achaari" in it, it says it contains spices that are used to make pickles. It is likely that it will be a dry dish made with a mixture of spices like cumin, coriander, chillies, turmeric, fennel and mustard.

Masala: If a dish contains the word "masala", that will certainly be a good spicy dish. Of course, the word "masala" means "spice", but what kind of spices that will contain or what amount will depend on the chef prepares.