How To Pray To God For Your Children?

For every parent, their children are like a gift from God, and as parents, they want to take every vital step to infuse in them the morals and personality mannerisms they require to become compassionate, responsible adults. They try to do everything for them no matter they are a kid or an adult. However, parenting can often be an intricate job.

Thus only those parents become successful who pray to God just like mentioned on for their children and ask for His guidance and help. It is to be kept in mind that the words we articulate to, and about, our children are potent, and it is vital that we acknowledge good things so that they will be protected, vigorous, take wise decisions, and pursue God throughout their lives.

Below mentioned are some of the types of prayers that can guide you on how to pray to God for your children:

  • Prayer for health or healing – All parents want their children to be fit and strong, and if they see them hurt or suffering from anything they want to do everything required to help them.

    The Bible contains many passages that we can use to “pray for children” (better known as Oracion por los niƱos in the Spanish language) to God to ask for health and healing for their children’s lives.
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  • Prayer for security and safety – The primary aspect and the major concern for every parent is usually their safety. This is a dangerous world and there are numerous reasons to feel scared.

    For instance violence, car accidents, bad influences, or unsafe environments. But, the scriptures give us many pledges for safety and admitting these words is a way of asking God to help protect our children from harm.

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