Know More About Reiki Symbols

There is a lot of information available about the Reiki symbol, but there is always something new to learn. Here are three interesting, but less well-known facts.

Know About Cho Ku Rei

The method to make Cho Ku Rei is just a principle. Some Teachers tell that it must be pulled clockwise. Some tell to draw counter-clockwise. You can also look for reikiattunementonline to get best reiki benefits.

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While others still educate to make it in one way to boost energy flow, and vice versa to reduce it. There are people who do not use it in any way and a lot of other alternatives.

The reality is there is no correct or wrong way. The meaning you give him, and the way connections with intentions are formed in your mind, is what makes it work like that.

Say your teacher teaches you that the correct way to draw is clockwise. You draw clockwise, and you notice it works. But if your master tells you to draw it the other way, you will see the same results.

No need to change the way you draw now. Do not repair anything if it is not damaged. The perfect method to make Cho Ku Rei is the way that suits you best.

About Sei He Ki

Both hemispheres are related to various features of life. The left part is responsible for logic, reasoning, and rationality. The truth is dealing with dreams, imagination, and intuition.