Know About Under Eye Circle Treatments

Under-eye circles may make you look sick and tired forever. Dark circles under the eyes are the prime reasons for people to look aged, unhealthy and tired. This problem can affect both men and women alike. Even it has been noticed in children too. Under-eye, circles can be caused due to various factors, and they include medication, ill-health, age and lack of sleep. It appears because the skin under the eyes gets thinner resulting in collagen and fat decrease causing visibility of blood vessels.

Apart from the normal aging process, there are many other reasons for under-eye circles. Some of the most common reasons are allergies, hereditary factors or runs in the family, stress, lifestyle issues like alcohol consumption, heavy smoking, pigmentation, scratching of eyes, and loss of collagen.

Treatments for under eye circle:

Laser or Surgery

It has been noticed that laser therapy or even chemical peels have produced some positive results in some patients, though it can be costly. Even injectable fillers and surgery can be performed to eliminate puffiness under the eyes. To get more information about dark circle treatment, you can visit

Drink water

Drinking a sufficient amount of water is very necessary as even dehydration can worsen the problem. Ideally, one needs to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to see some good results.

Treating Allergies

Allergies like sinusitis and nasal congestion alleviate this condition. Allergies need to be treated and are the root cause of dark circles under the eyes. They are prone to darken and dilate the veins that drain from the eyes to nose. Chronic sufferers of allergies often have dark circles under the eyes.