Importance Of Equine Joint Supplement In Horse Diet

If you have a horse or you are planning to have one in near future then you should know about equine joint care.  There are a lot of chances that the horse might suffer from joint problems in the near future. The reason why horses suffer joint problem is the activities carried out by horse put a lot of strain on joint.

You should give your horse equine joint supplement doesn’t matter whether your horse is involved in recreation activities like jumping, dressage or racing events or not.


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Coffin joint problems are mostly found in horse competing at show jumping events. This problem in the joint is due to substantial forces that a horse experiences while running.  The chances that your horse might suffer from this problem are high. You must include an equine joint supplement in the horse diet.

What is the best way to prevent joint problems in horses?

There are numbers of ways which can be used for preventing or reducing the chances of joint problems in horses.

You need to ensure that your horse’s diet is accurate. Make sure that you are not overfeeding horse. Another point in addition to this is you need to make sure that your horses don’t under- exercise.

Regular checks are a must.

Horse supplemnet

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Regular checks help in order to ensure that there are no swellings in horse joints.  Check whether there is swelling of the horse joints. Perform flexion tests in order to find is there any pain to your horse or not. The horse vitamin supplement contains all proven vitamin required by the horse.

You can even take the help of vent in case you are not sure about any particular thing.

There are two types of joint supplements available in the market.

  • The first type of supplements helps in preventing joint problems.
  • The second supplement is used to treat joint problems.