Are Ice Baths Good Recovery Tools?

A new research by the Queensland University of Technology published in the Journal of Physiology has concluded that “ice baths may not have post workout benefits that many claims that they have“.

The idea behind the ice bath is that the cool water reduces the heat of the muscles and also reduces blood circulation; this helps in repairing the muscles which may have been damaged during a workout.

The research team took biopsies from the individuals two hours after the ice bath or warm down and again after 24 and 48. Then they analyzed these muscle samples for changes in the genes and protein that display signs of inflammation in the muscles. Online there are various portable ice baths for sale, which you can consider purchasing at affordable rates.


The study led the research group to summarize that athletes may be better off with a light warm down rather than the frequently used Ice Baths. This research also shows that reducing muscle inflammation after a personal injury can disrupt muscle repair.

Despite indicating that the warm down will be a better way to help muscles post workout it also does not rule out that there are many benefits of ice baths. You can also read this blog to get more information regarding how does the ice bath make athletes stronger.

ice bath tub

This study will give you an insight into all the benefits of the ice baths referring to the famous athletes who used the therapy occasionally to heal their field injuries.

Physiotherapist Stephen Mutch, who is a Multi-sport physiotherapist and works together with many elite athletes and sports groups like the Scottish Rugby Squad has claimed that most of all restoration techniques such as “Sleep and Nutrition”, are as easy as they appear and are still the best recovery methods of all.