How to Remove Asbestos Safely by Yourself?


When it comes to asbestos removal, there are licensed professionals who carry out this type of job in the safest manner. Removing asbestos by someone who has no knowledge about asbestos is a bad idea. This is because, asbestos is a very delicate material that can get crumbled very easily and then get released into the atmosphere leading to various life-threatening diseases. However, if you still wish to remove asbestos by yourself, then follow these simple tips carefully.

  1. Wearing Protection Equipment –Before the removal of asbestos work starts, it is absolutely imperative to wear safety equipment wear. Masks, gloves, shoes etc are must to be worn during the removal work.
  2. No Tools that Uses High Power –Since asbestos can be easily broken down, it is important to use simpler tools such as hammer or screw. Using power based tool will only make the asbestos to crumble easily since it is a delicate material. Crumbled asbestos when released into the atmosphere will lead to harmful diseases.
  3. No Eating, Smoking or Drinking –Eating, smoking or drinking is a big no when it comes to removing asbestos by yourself. Not just yourself, even the professionals will not make this kind of silly mistake. One of the main reason is that asbestos particles when crumbled are capable of lying on the surface of the food, drink and even your cigarette.
  4. No Blasting or Scrubbing with a Broom or Water – Majority of country state that it is illegal to blast water on the asbestos material. When it comes to scrubbing, it is also considered to be hazardous.

In Newcastle, asbestos removal is performed by highly trained professionals.