Commonly Used Test In The Genetic Ancestry

DNA is the hereditary material found in the cells of people as well all other organisms. Most DNA is stored in the nucleus of the cell, however, trace amounts of DNA are also contained in the mitochondria also called mitochondrial DNA. An important process of DNA is that it can duplicate itself, meaning almost every cell in an individual contains identical DNA.

If you ever looked in the mirror and wondered where you got your signature looks or personality, which seems so evidently different than the members of your immediate family. It is possible that you could have inherited these traits form an ancestor somewhere down your family line. If you are curious in knowing your entire family history as a way to know your full identity or to carry on the family legacy, genetic testing is a way. It is also known as Genetic Genealogy that can use your DNA to help you learn everything about your family history. You can refer to to get the DNA test kit and get the result within a week from an experienced doctor.

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In this article, we will discuss commonly used test in the genetic ancestry in great detail.

  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphism(SNP) DNA Testing

An individual’s genome which us the entire class of the genus found in a cell or organism includes many forms of single nucleotide polymorphism also called SNPs which can be asserted to determine an estimation of individual cultural background. Single nucleotide polymorphism exists throughout an individual’s cultural background.

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  • Mitochondrial DNA Testing

Genealogists use mitochondrial DNA testing to pinpoint genetic discrepancies in mitochondrial DNA, which is the genetic matter i.e. contained in mitochondria anatomies located within cells.

  • Y Chromosomes DNA Testing

Because female does have a Y chromosome, Y chromosomes testing is one of the pair of sex chromosomes found in individuals. Variation in the Y chromosomes is inherited only from father to son, which means Y chromosomes can be used to research the direct line ancestry of the male side.

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With DNA testing, you can be as into it as you would like, which can lead to an exciting new hobby. DNA testing provides various ways to become more enlightened about your entire family as the entire family as well as yourself. The result can also provide a fun way to gather with your family and construct a family tree. Check out here to learn how DNA testing is useful in many aspects.