How To Pray To God For Your Children?

For every parent, their children are like a gift from God, and as parents, they want to take every vital step to infuse in them the morals and personality mannerisms they require to become compassionate, responsible adults. They try to do everything for them no matter they are a kid or an adult. However, parenting can often be an intricate job.

Thus only those parents become successful who pray to God just like mentioned on for their children and ask for His guidance and help. It is to be kept in mind that the words we articulate to, and about, our children are potent, and it is vital that we acknowledge good things so that they will be protected, vigorous, take wise decisions, and pursue God throughout their lives.

Below mentioned are some of the types of prayers that can guide you on how to pray to God for your children:

  • Prayer for health or healing – All parents want their children to be fit and strong, and if they see them hurt or suffering from anything they want to do everything required to help them.

    The Bible contains many passages that we can use to “pray for children” (better known as Oracion por los niños in the Spanish language) to God to ask for health and healing for their children’s lives.
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  • Prayer for security and safety – The primary aspect and the major concern for every parent is usually their safety. This is a dangerous world and there are numerous reasons to feel scared.

    For instance violence, car accidents, bad influences, or unsafe environments. But, the scriptures give us many pledges for safety and admitting these words is a way of asking God to help protect our children from harm.

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What You Should Know About Christian Community

If you want to become a member of the Christian community, firstly you need to know the basics of the Christianity and Christian life. You may be wondering as to how to begin your journey on the new path and what things are to follow to mature and become a true follower of the Christianity. Given below are some important steps that will help you to make your decision easier.

-The Bible is the most important handbook for the Christian. As a new follower, you may be in a confusion to select the best version from the different types available. You can pick from the top ten Bibles after doing some research on each one of them, or choose from the famous translations of the Bibles available or you can also try to get a free copy of the Bible.

-Finding a church is also very necessary if you want to learn more about the Christian life and to meet the Christian community. Finding a church is very important because you can meet the number of Christians regularly and pray with them.

You need to be patient because it can take some time to find a church. If you have some friends or neighbors who are Christian, they will be able to help you in this matter. When you find a church you will be able to attend all prayer meetings and other spiritual assemblies there. Browse to get detailed information about Christian community.

-There is a lot of difference of belief on the teachings about the baptism. Some people believe that baptism will help you to wash all your sins. Some believe that this is meant for protecting you from the evil spirits. There are still some people who think that baptism is the main step of obedience in the Christian life.

-Unlike baptism, a communion is a one-time event that has to be observed all through the Christian life. It is a special time for the worshiper to celebrate and remember what Jesus Christ did for the Christian community. So you should learn more about the observance of Communion.

Why you need to go church?

The heart of Christian believes in Jesus Christ or Bible that brings the beauty of truth and everyday life.

According to research Most of the people’s life is too busy in weekday with school work, additional activities, food preparation and everyday jobs.


At the weekend most of the people above fifty ages wants to have in church because they have too much believed in God. The common thing is in the world youngsters isn’t want to go church. They want to do fun at Weekend. In that situation, we call world becoming secular.

Only in a bad situation of life we consider ourselves spiritual and going to church regularly. Church services provide so many benefits and give the correct way of life and keep on a right track or with the help of Bible you can change your life. For more information about Bible you can read on this URL:


There are many different benefits to attend church:-


Going to a church of worship gives you a psychological sense of leading a good life. You feel, you have a second family and you can share your problem and fun activity. You make friends in church and they support you in your best and worst time. Praying and going together with your friend make a strong community.

Good influence

Friends of the church they not only guide you in spiritual life but they also advise and safe you to from bad environment.

They not only support you but also support your family in bed situation. Pious people guide you sedentary way of life and also guide and help you to not addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Many people attend devotional speech events so get an insight on Bible teachings. A popular leader Frederick Douglass used to involve Bible verses in his speeches. Read this post to understand the real meaning of Hebrew Psalm.



Every Sunday going to the church, this can be included into your daily life. It provides you account for daily tasks and responsibility.


Everyone goes to church are typically disciplined by the behavior of Christianity. This also educates you to have an extra disciplined manner during life. Life form disciplined can also provide a good living standard.