Can Roller Blinds Add Style to Your Interior Decor?

Many people seem to struggle with the type of window finish to apply to a home, office or commercial space. With many products available, the confusion is understandable. However, indoor roller blinds have the ability to add a flare of personal style to any interior. This can be done with style and colour, all suited to the area they will be in. 

Photo of roller blinds in an office

Photo courtesy Martin Dougiamas

Roller Blinds Can Be Colour Matched

Some interior spaces are decorated in a very uniform manner – the same style of furniture, the same range of colours. All items in these spaces tend to be arranged in a similar manner. It isn't always possible to find the right colour or type of blind to suit these spaces but roller blinds can often be ordered in similar tones or styles to suit the interior space. This means they can be colour matched or harmonised by the manufacturer to ensure the space flows with harmony. 

roller blind options

The same can be said for spaces that have unique decor. 

Some spaces appear to be unique based on the personal tastes and styles of the person that decorated it. This includes colours, patterns and other furnishings. In these spaces, it can be quite difficult to match window finishes and these often need to be special made and ordered. 

In situations such as these, each room or even each window can be tailored to suit whatever type of decor is intended. That could mean, for example: 

  • Tea or coffee themed for a kitchen/dining or cafe area; 

  • Light or bright colours for children’s rooms; 

  • Neutral and light tones for a master bedroom; 

  • Navy or charcoal pinstripe for an office; or 

  • Light blue for a cafe or restaurant. 

Roller Blinds Made to Order 

The benefits of ordering custom designed roller blinds to be tailor made is that the customer will get exactly what they want, how they want, and it will definitely fit. The risks of buying an off the shelf, do-it-yourself window treatment is that it may not fit and may not be available in exactly the right style to suit the people or the environment. By having the windows measured and roller blinds tailor made, they are sure to be perfect, right down to the colour. 

photo of a man measuring a window


At the end of the day, interior decor is an expression of not only the environment being created, but also of those that occupy the environment. It is not always possible to create the perfect environment without some tailor-made solutions added to the mix. This is the same when it comes to roller blinds.

Roller blinds can be customised to suit the tastes and styles of any individual which will ultimates add to the appeal of the interior decor of any space.